About us

UC Leather's Story

Growing Up

You could find me hanging out with my cousin at our family's original homestead in Arvada, Colorado, deeply rooted in the livestock business with a rodeo venture called Bar W Slash. We caught the tail end of their rodeo era, hosting rodeo schools at “the barn.” Growing up in this environment instilled in me core values of loyalty, honesty, and hard work.

My father's craft was leatherwork; he repaired everything from basic leather tack to building custom tooled saddles from scratch. I grew up watching him work, learning to recognize what makes a high-quality leather product.

Brand Launch

Fast forward to 2015, when I launched UC Leather, envisioning more than just a brand—I saw a lifestyle. Although I briefly tried my hand at rodeoing during these years, I excelled more at selling leather goods than staying on a horse. Having grown up around leatherwork, I had a keen eye for quality, which was crucial when we launched our first leather wallets. Now, when you carry any of our leather goods, you are assured of owning quality products that will only look better with age.

Family Business

As our company and product line expanded, I was fortunate enough to meet my partner in all things, Skylar. In 2020, we decided to get married and relocated to Georgetown, Texas, to truly embody our brand. Today, we stand proud as a genuine mom-and-pop shop. When you interact with us, you are either dealing with Skylar or me—directly from our home, which is quickly filling up with three packed storage units and boxes taking over our garage and house.

Despite the chaos, we sincerely appreciate every single customer. Your support enables us to continue selling high-quality leather goods and providing excellent customer service, making each interaction special. Thank you for being a part of our journey.